Adam & Marysa

Mt. Baker Beach Maternity

       It was a quiet and beautiful morning in Seattle for this maternity shoot with Adam & Marysa. We strolled around the empty streets and enjoyed the amazing fall yellow and orange leaves! And their baby girl on the way couldn't help but tag along.

Starting with an early sunrise in Seattle, it felt like the greatest calmness led our shoot. We were not rushed to chase the sun. We were not dodging cars on the long road around Lake Washington. Everything was quiet and easy, which allowed us to be ourselves and fall into a fun shoot with lots of laughs and banter.

After a quick outfit change they were ready to embrace the TRUE purpose of fall... which is obviously to frolic in the fallen leaves. It was absolutely insane how perfectly the trees and surrounding colorful nature framed Adam and Marysa. 

Adam & Marysa's love for eachother was so obvious by their enthusiasm and ability to be silly with each other. I have no doubts they will be the most amazing parents!